Midnight Skull Sessions – Podcast Art by Chiemi Kaneko

We have podcast art!

Midnight Skull Sessions PodcastThese awesome character designs come from Chiemi Kaneko, who had nothing to go on but a vague description of our podcast and my request for cute skulls or yokai. Lantern ghosts are one of my favorites, so I’m super happy with what she came up with. You can check out her sample gallery here, look her up on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @chiemikaneko. Say something nice in the comments and I’ll pass it along!


1 Comment

  1. The drawings are cute and I like the idea of a ‘lantern ghost’. Why shouldn’t the inanimate have ghosts? presumably ghost coachmen drive ghost coaches. The little figure on the left seems to be holding a ghost mike. I also like the idea of making a sound event like a podcast into a visual one.

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