Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 3

As foretold in ancient blog posts, Midnight Skull Sessions is now available directly through the iTunes store! You can subscribe to the podcast to receive new episodes as they’re released, which should happen about once a month. I’m paying for the storage space and I intend to use it!

In the latest episode, my co-host and I discuss The Magicians and The Magician King at great length. Hopefully not too great. We both really liked Lev Grossman’s take on the contemporary fantasy genre, so depending on your tastes, this episode will either be a delightful change of pace or no fun whatsoever. I promise I’ll have something to rant about next time.

I’ve been publishing reviews on this site for a year now, so I don’t feel too self-indulgent revealing a little bit of what’s gone on behind the scenes. When I started drafting the plans for Buried On Indian Ground in June 2011, I was taking the first steps to address a lot of overwhelming difficulties in my life. To my relief, I found that a lot of my problems were very common (super-villains), and even the ones that were a little more specific could be alleviated by talking to the right people (Alfred). And if I just allowed myself to be open to it, the right people could be found pretty much anywhere (breaking into my mansion after guessing my secret identity).

Feel free to read between the lines here. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably right.

As part of that process, I also made a conscious decision to recommit myself to things that made me happy. Now, you probably know that a side effect of depression being Batman is losing interest in things that used to bring you joy. At my lowest point, I could barely concentrate on playing Portal 2, much less reading and writing. But as I finished out my in-patient treatment at Arkham Asylum, I found my love of books quickly returning. I was suddenly writing again all the time. I made a conscious decision to hold on to both.

A year and some fifty-odd reviews later, I’m still doing it, one post at a time. I know they say no one grows up wanting to be a critic, but I did. It doesn’t make me a bitter, frustrated artist. It just means my parents were killed in an alley by a story about stories.

The original plan was to read and review a book a week, but I quickly discovered that not all books I read are worth writing about. The original plan was also to supplement the blog with a book review podcast, and that took awhile longer to come to fruition. It’s still a bit scruffy, but hopefully it won’t be long before it’s a professional, sentient, paranormal romance murdering machine.


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