Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 6

I just posted episode six a few minutes ago and it’s live on iTunes. Check it out to learn more about the robot wars on planet Penrose. They’re only beginning and they’re more interesting than you’d think!

Well, except for the “wars” part.

The big news this episode was going to be that Isaac got to read Joe Abercrombie’s fantasy western Red Country before it hit American shelves. I’m picky about my writing styles, and Abercrombie does a lot of things that drive me nuts, but Isaac’s a big fan. So big a fan, in fact, that he couldn’t stop himself from spoiling the most interesting stuff that happened in Red Country before anyone else had a chance to read it. I removed the offending content, but hopefully he’ll have a prepared statement next time.

Books covered this episode include: Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow, Blood and Iron by Tony Ballantyne, Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, Saga by Brian K. Vaughn, and The Twelve by Justin Cronin. Because it wouldn’t be Midnight Skull Sessions if I didn’t read something about vampires.

Now that it has Isaac’s endorsement as well, Blood and Iron is one of those books I’ll recommend to all science fiction fans. I know, I know, there’s a robot with, like, five guns and a trench coat and two katanas on the cover. But it’s a really cool read. And it’s the cheapest of the books we talked about this episode, whereas catching up on Locke and Key will set you back at least $50. (Or you can do what I do and go to the library. How gauche!)

I’ve been busy procrastinating on my legal writing homework, so there’s been less content on the site. That may continue up through December 5th. But I just finished a trendy geek-oriented book last night and you know how I dislike those. I should have a review up by Monday. Stop disappointing me, books! Be more, I don’t know, robot war-sy.


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