Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 16

I was so excited to find this 2010 article in the New York Times about the word “relatable”. I’ve been editing that word out my reviews for months! Turns out it’s been around for decades, so I can use it all I want now, little red squiggles be damned.

To celebrate, I tried using it as many times as possible in the podcast description. After all, what’s more relatable than plant scientists (to clarify, scientists that are also plants) or sexual sadists who have their consciences wired to only commit acts of violence approved of by their employers? Not people searching for love in a post-soft apocalypse future, that’s for sure. But I could only stomach it once. There’s still something about “relatable” that feels like I’m treading in non-Euclidean vocabulary.

Books discussed this episode include: The Clockwork Rocket by Greg Egan, Maelstrom and The Island And Other Stores by Peter Watts, Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh, The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories edited by Otto Penzler, and Pay Me In Flesh and The Year Of Eating Dangerously by K. Bennett.

Episode 16 is up on iTunes now. If you’d prefer to download the episode yourself, you can find the host site through the link below:




    1. Slightly hyperbolic. As the most human characters in a book I read recently, I still found the characters in Love Minus Eighty hard to relate to. But I don’t have much sentimentality for characters that pine for love against impossible circumstances. Just go out and meet women you didn’t hit with a car already!

      1. I meant geometrically hyperbolic (in that the -able suffix in “relatable” isn’t parallel to other -able suffixes). My extreme nerdiness betrays me again!

        Agree about star-crossed lovers, though.

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