Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 19

I’ve been following the final season of Breaking Bad through iTunes, which means I’m basically on Internet lockdown until the last episode goes up at 3 AM. No Twitter, no AV Club, no Facebook…not even sure Pinterest is safe. Even after I catch up, I may stay off the grid just to avoid ironic .gifs and screengrab mashups with words on them: “JESSE KILLS DUMBLEDORE? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

We’re already living in my dystopia. It’s made up of 13 Districts. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. District 2 is responsible solely for the Impact font. District 6 makes Top 10 lists. District 9 handles breaking things down from paragraph format into captions for slideshows. District 11 writes weekly episode summaries for every TV show no matter how inconsequential, making grand statements about the most mundane sitcoms as if they were being graded on them for college English classes. At the top, District 1 consumes all, hate-watching everyone.

This episode we delve into other people’s visions of dystopian futures, including Countdown City, Ben H. Winter’s superb follow-up to The Last Policeman. We also learn a little about geography and Hawkeye. Having done a little more research since then, I now know that Hawkeye went deaf in the ’80s after shoving a sonic arrow into his mouth to stop someone from sonically mind-controlling him. He’s fine now, though. Here’s a link to the Iron Man encounter we talked about.

Books discussed this episode include: Wool by Hugh Howey, Countdown City by Ben H. Winters, The Art of Arrow-Cutting and Shadows Bite by Stephen Dedman, and Extinction Point: Exodus by Paul Antony Jones.

Should have named the podcast Again, Dystopian Visions.

Episode 19 is up on iTunes and available for direct download at the link below:



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