Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 21

The latest Midnight Skull Sessions went up last night. This episode we learn about vampire magazines and TV shows. Vampire Americans Can DANCE! And in the midst of recording late at night, we both forget who Javert is. I think I refer to him as “that French guy from Les Mis.”

It was late and I was tired.

Books discussed this episode include: The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes, The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch, The Dying Earth (also published as Mazirian The Magician) by Jack Vance, Last Call by Tim Powers, Irrational Fears by William Browning Spencer, Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, Something Terrible by Dean Trippe, The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughn, and After Dead by Charlaine Harris.

Both Something Terrible and The Private Eye are independently published and only available digitally, so I included links to them above. They’re super cheap and very striking visually, so I recommend picking them up.

Isaac and I are both working full-time now, which makes scheduling a podcast recording a little trickier. But we’ll be back before the end of the year with more books.

Episode 21 is up on iTunes and available for direct download at the link below:



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  1. 1994. French Woods. Fedora-donning lycanthropic rats. Email me if you’d like to “talk”. I’ve always wondered what ever happened to you (and it is always happening).

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