Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 22

The latest Midnight Skull Sessions podcast went up on Friday. Then it went up again today, in a new, improved, audible version. It’s now 50% more listenable than before. Please enjoy our genre fiction podcast, now with sound.

I took a trip out of state last month, which means I read a bunch of comics. We talk about them briefly in the podcast, but all you really need to know is that Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye Vol. 1 is available NOW, and it’s smart, funny, and fun. Go read it so I can talk about it in more detail next time. Also, it will impress your friends. So that’s a good reason, too.

With the new job, I only made it through one novel last month, and half the time I was so exhausted I was barely conscious. Luckily, Isaac read it, too, and was able to explain why Dream London is cool. Take that, China Mieville! And take that, Steampunk! You aren’t even a genre! You’re just an aesthetic!

Books discussed this episode include: Dream London by Tony Ballantyne.

Since we didn’t have many books to talk about, we also solicited listener and non-listener questions. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Thanks to Coco, Ginny, Nate, Marlon, Anthony, and Krista, and to Kent Conrad of the Pretentious Movie Snobs podcast for giving us stuff to ramble about. We promise to prepare answers ahead of time next time we try that.

The revised version of episode 22 is up on iTunes are available for direct download at the link below:



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