Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 23

The new Midnight Skull Sessions is up on iTunes! With The Influence as a jumping off point, we discuss 25 years worth of Bentley Little sending evil into small towns. But first I double-down on Isaac’s JA Konrath challenge, and in our storytelling corner, I recount a classy tale of literary science fiction about men in space prison.

Hey, who doesn’t love stories about what men do to each other when they’re left alone in space prison? Oh, right, ME. Apparently, this is something the British Science Fiction Association and I do not have in common. They gave it an award, perhaps for being “real”, as in: “This is what happens when seven criminals are forced to live together inside an asteroid for 11 years and stop being polite and start start sexually assaulting each other.”

Jack Glass begins with a hundred pages of that. I’m pretty sure this is why some people don’t read.

Books discussed this episode include: Shaken and Shapeshifters Anonymous by JA Konrath; Jack Glass by Adam Roberts; and The Influence, The Resort, The Ignored, The Mailman, and The Potato, all by Bentley Little.

Next episode we’ll be discussing The Necromancer’s House by Christopher Buehlman. I can already tell you it’s amazing. Check it out now if you want to play along at home!

For the iTunes averse, the podcast can be downloaded directly at the link below:



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