Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 24

This month’s delay in podcasting was brought to you by S.

For the amount of time and effort it took us to read S., you might think we’d have a lot to say about it. Don’t tell my co-host, but edited down to minimize the redundancy of our indifference, that conversation only takes about 10 minutes. S. is a meticulous, painstakingly constructed commercial product masquerading as a work of literary fiction with a conspiracy fiction meta-narrative. There are easier ways to get a code wheel.

Okay, that might not actually be true. I just looked up “code wheels” on eBay and found a surprisingly lack of leftover copy protection code wheels from early PC games. Most of them run around $70. If only I had an abundant source of disposable income, I would decorate my walls with them.

Anyway, we had more fun talking about ORBS. ORBS!

Books discussed this episode include: S. by Doug Dorst, ORBS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, and The Necromancer’s House and Between to Fires by Christopher Buehlman.

For some reason that made sense at the time, we opted not to spoil anything about The Necromancer’s House. We basically just say it’s really good and people should read it. Considering that the whole point of this podcast is for us to talk about books we’ll never get to talk to anyone else about, I’m not sure why we did that. So if I can get Isaac to read Between Two Fires, maybe we’ll talk more about both next time.

I’ll also have finished The Strain trilogy by then, so expect more vampires soon. It’s been awhile.

Episode 24 is up on iTunes. Listeners who prefer to get their podcasts elsewhere can download it directly at the link below:



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