Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 27

The latest Midnight Skull Sessions podcast went up the first Friday of June. I just finished editing the next podcast, which will go live later this week. I suppose I should wait until Friday, but I may not be able to contain myself. It’s going to be wild.

You can’t wait! Trust me.

This episode we discuss Defenders, Will McIntosh’s latest sci-fi novel. I wrote briefly about the original short story a year ago, and while the novel expands on the events leading up to the story very well, the payoff is less original. Maybe I shouldn’t read awesome short stories that will one day be expanded into novels anymore.

But before I commit to that, I suggest everyone check out The Litany of Earth by Ruthanna Emrys. It’s only 99 cents. Don’t spoil it by reading the book description. Just read it and be surprised. I’d be happy to see the setting expanded into a novel someday.

Books discussed this episode include: The Academy by Bentley Little, The Policy by Bentley Little, Defenders by Will McIntosh, The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones, Authority by Jeff VanderMeer, and Cat House by Michael Peak.

I think I’m beginning to annoy my co-host by picking out books just because their premises are very strange. Expect this to continue for at least one more episode.

Midnight Skull Sessions episode 27 is available on iTunes and for direct download at the link below:



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