Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 28

My favorite Linkstorm ad is the one that says “The One Site Librarians Don’t Want You To Know About!” Sometimes it’s phrased as if it were a porn site pop-up: “Librarians Hate This Site!” What, I wonder, could librarians hate so much? Is there a pill you can take to grow your bookshelf by 3 to 6 inches?

As it turns out, it’s an ad for a service which connects you to free ebook deals.

Free books? That’s against everything librarians stand for! How dare! How dare you, Internet! Stop putting those poor librarians out of work by encouraging people to read!

I’m sure librarians would LOVE this podcast, though I did have a few teachers who were very much against the types of books I liked to read. There was some concern they might lead me to hunt orcs in the sewers. Ha! Shows what you know, teachers. Orcs don’t live in sewers. They live in villages. Beholders live in sewers, and I wasn’t high enough level to fight them at the time. Now, though…

Here are the books we talk about this week which librarians will love but your sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teachers will hate: Assassin of Secrets by Q.R. Markham, The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennett, Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill, and The Legend Begins by Charles and Irene Nickerson.

One more thing, after my brief foray into the Internet pastime of putting Impact font on things, I ran across a poster for the new Transformers movie Thursday night. I couldn’t resist.

justsaynoMidnight Skull Sessions episode 28 is available on iTunes or for direct download at the link below:



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