Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 32

I hesitate to point this out, but people keeping asking me if I am from Canada, eh? Apparently I say “out” like a Canadian. Which of course is what lead to my popular catchphrase: “Out like a Canadian!” This has been happening since about 2010. (Haha. “About.”)

This is a non-vicious untruth. I would love to be Canadian. My two favorite sci-fi authors, Peter Watts and Robert Charles Wilson, are both from Canada. But I’m just a normal guy from the same dimension Dean Koontz is from, where we are genetically incapable of understanding James Joyce and live for several thousand of your Earth years. (These two things are probably related.)

In addition to books, we discuss a few other nerdy things this episode, which is great because a cool woman on OK Cupid asked to see my book review blog, and ladies love to hear that a guy has in-depth knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons. Although to be fair, I’ve been permanently banned from role-playing games for not wanting to walk into traps, so my D&D days are far behind me. Anyway, we briefly discuss the Tomb of Horrors and its grinning skull hllltop. Here’s a bird’s-eye view:


So scare.

Actual books discussed this episode include: The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale; Blindsight by Peter Watts; Crashed, Little Elvises, and The Fame Thief by TImothy Hallinan; The Death Dolls of Lyra by Joan Hunter Holly; Fantastic Four, FF, and Hawkeye by Matt Fraction; We Are All Completely Fine by Darryl Gregory; Bird Box by Josh Malerman; and Arthur Dies At The End by Jeffrey Wikstrom.

I got a text last night from Isaac that he is partway through The Magician’s Land, so we’ll be back with that and more ASAP. I just realized now that I forgot to bring up Dial H’s Open Window-Man. This is an oversight that must be corrected soon.

Until then, I leave you with this image, sponsored by Isaac’s Cover Corner:

deathdollsMidnight Skull Sessions episode 32 is available now on iTunes. It can also be downloaded directly from the link below.



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