Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 34

While researching Sarah Lotz, author of The Three, I came across a particularly disturbing piece of information. You see, Lotz also writes under the pen name S.L. Grey with Louis Greenberg. And according to his bio, Louis Greenberg has a master’s in Vampire Fiction and a doctorate in Religious Apocalypse Fiction.

Those are supposed to be my things! I didn’t know you could get degrees in them!

The advice my Creative Writing professor gave me before graduation was to go to graduate school. Instead I got a job closed-captioning and became an expert in deciphering rap lyrics and a master of watching episodes of reality television over and over without dying. Now these are useful skills, especially in Los Angeles. But when I read about his background, I couldn’t help but reflect on the road not taken. I mean, I could be a doctor of Left Behind!

On the other hand, one of my college professors also told me it was good I was writing small genre things that I could share with my friends. You know, because no one else in the world likes monsters and aliens and serial killers except for me and my co-host.

Point being, I was encouraged by people who should have known better not to do a lot of things. And here’s one of them!

Books discussed this episode include: Echopraxia by Peter Watts, The Litany of Earth of Ruthanna Emrys, The Three by Sarah Lotz, and Dataclysm by Christian Rudder.

Midnight Skull Sessions 34 is up on iTunes now. For real! I checked. Those of you less amenable to supporting our corporate overlords at Apple can get the podcast directly at the link below.


Next up… The Lesser Dead.


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