Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 38

Happy almost New Year’s! Here’s a Christmas podcast.

Books discussed this episode include: Rewinder by Brett Battles and IPO by Dan Koontz.

Yes, you read that right. BRETT Battles. No, wait. I mean DAN Koontz. Not be confused with the slightly less well-known Dean Koontz, who writes poetry and tweets life advice from a dog’s point of view.That’s just an odd coincidence we milk for as long as we possibly can, which turns out to be an hour and six minutes.

Dan Koontz (right), Dean Koontz and human companion (left)

Dan Koontz (left), Dean Koontz and human companion (right)

You’ll also notice that neither of these books have anything to do with Christmas, though Rewinder is kind of an It’s A Wonderful Life story. It’s A Wonderful Life– the first American dystopia.

“In a world without George Bailey, Bedford Falls is arbitrarily divided into seven districts. Kind of meh on hypocrisy in general, one teenager will scale the walls of the elite Potter’s District and attempt to change the system. But when she discovers the dark secret Emperor Clarance Hierarch has been hiding from them all along, will she sacrifice everything she’s known and reveal the truth, or will she choose which boy she likes?”

Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 38 is available on iTunes, or you can download it directly from the link below. iTunes reviews would be appreciated! Consider it your belated gift to us for pretending not to know who Joe Hill is for the past 2 1/2 years.

Joe Hill. Ha ha ha! Oh, [TRUE IDENTITY REDACTED], what a prankster.

Subject unknownA production still from Mad Men, completely unrelated to anyone discussed in this post



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