Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 39

The two-hour geektastic, extravagasmic, phantasma-tasmic Midnight Skull Sessions awards podcast is now live! You probably already read the results on your favorite aggregate websites, but now you can listen in on the nomination and voting process as it was originally recorded– late at night when we were goofy.

The most common question I get from people when they find out about the podcast is “What are some good books?” In this episode, we discuss some good books. We also talk about some books that were just fun to have read. Hopefully it’s clear which are which. We also delve deeper into the mysterious parentage of Joe Hill. So if you like podcasts about mysteries that don’t really have a beginning or an ending, true crime, and contradictory testimony, too bad. This is not for you. Because we totally get to the bottom of it in this end of the year episode.

Books discussed this episode include: Locke and Key by Joe Hill, and all the nominees.

IMG_0246It was my intention to post this podcast entirely unedited. It was also my intention to prepare complete lists of nominees ahead of time. I intend a lot of things. Instead, we recorded this entirely on the fly, and a handful of titles did not receive their proper accolades. More than anything else, this had to do with my handwriting. I kept getting distracted by “Everyone’s Doing The Mummies” when I should have been thinking, “Wait, why aren’t all awards going to California Bones?”

Don’t worry, California Bones, I will make it up to you. You and “Boney Marines”. Oh, and “Sloan Collector.” That’s my new PI series about a loan shark named Sloan.

He collects human loans.

Midnight Skull Sessions is available on iTunes! If you subscribe and rate the podcast, I’ll think you’re awesome. Almost as awesome as California Bones! Or you could, you know, download it directly from the link below:



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