Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 40

The sequel to California Bones came out today! We’ll be discussing it on the podcast in a couple weeks. In the meantime, here’s a new episode about blood magic, a god in the ’80s, and a circus that comes to town.

Books discussed this episode include: We Are Not Good People by Jeff Somers, I Am The New God by Nicole Cushing, and Hang Wire by Adam Christopher.

I’d offer a witty non-sequitor, but I have a cold that feels like I’ve been punched in the face. Not a real punch to the face, mind you, but one of those consequence-free punches protagonists deal out in badly-written novels. Or a gun to the head in a TV drama where you know there’s really no way the heroes are going to shoot each other. Anyway, just download the podcast. And don’t forget to check out Pacific Fire if you want to play along at home! You might win the fabulous prize of being entertained!

91EcscFpBmL._SL1500_I’m hoping the tagline has nothing to do with the content of the book. Friendship and choices? Might as well describe the book as “best friends stop talking to each other over a contrived disagreement and wallow in self-pity” and “a wizard in a long-term relationship has to talk about his five-year plan.”

I hate you, five-year plan! You’re the worst type of plan. You almost never come together. Instead, I’m going to focus on my five-hour plan, which involves finishing up the first Timothy Hallinan novel, getting frustrated with Dragon Age 3, and probably tacos.

Midnight Skull Sessions episode 40 is available on iTunes. It can also be downloaded directly at the link below.



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