Midnight Skull Sessions – Episode 43

I don’t understand Tumblr. In fact, I’m pretty sure whenever I try to talk about it I say “Tinder” instead, which explains the weird looks I get from my girlfriend. “What did you do today, Greg?” “Oh, I was just reading some short stories by a girl on Tinder. You might like her. She’s Filipino, too! Hey, what are you doing with that knife?”

I also haven’t quite figured out Audacity yet, so the podcast is still a little fuzzy. I had a choice last week between learning how to record a cleaner podcast on my PC or get accustomed to new software for work. I chose the one that would afford me the opportunity to buy more books. Rest assured that getting the new setup to record crisply is a priority, right after getting frustrated with the Borderlands Prequel, doing my morning pages, and watching the final season of Glee.

Please forget about that last thing.

Stories discussed this episode include: City Living by Will McIntosh, Last Son of Tomorrow and Far As You Can Go by Greg van Eekhout, The Fisher Queen and Santos de Sampaguitas by Alyssa Wong, Happy Hour In Hell by Tad Williams, and The Anti-Christ Handbook by Fred Clark.

I caught up on a bunch of short stories after my week of reading deprivation was over, and The Fisher Queen is up there with Litany of Earth and Whom The Gods Would Destroy as one of my new favorites. Santos de Sampaguitas is wicked cool, too– it has my favorite kind of vampire in it. You can currently read them both for free by clicking the links above or checking out Alyssa Wong’s Tumblr.

I was also really impressed with Fred Clark’s Anti-Christ Handbook, a page by page breakdown of (most of) the first Left Behind novel. As a guy who should have gone for a Master’s in Christian apocalypse fiction, even I learned some new things.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but why didn’t anyone tell me you were allowed to study stuff you were actually interested in at grad school? It certainly wasn’t encouraged when I was an undergrad. “You’re interested in genre fiction and criticism, huh? Well, too bad! It’s all terrible and you’re bad for liking it. Go read my slice of life fiction and these plays. And don’t you dare have fun with any of it!”

One final note. I did not attempt to say “Santos de Sampaguitas” on the podcast. I should have asked someone how to pronounce “aswang” and “mananangal”, though.

You know, “mananangal”, just like the Girl Scout cookies.

Midnight Skull Sessions Episode 34 is available for free on the iTunes store. It can also be downloaded directly from the link below:



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