About The Author

Greg Chatham is a writer, editor, and a third thing. He grew up in the swamps of northern Virginia and earned a Creative Writing degree in the swamps of North Carolina. As a teenager, he was obsessed with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Hong Kong cinema, and his dream job was to be sent into space to watch cheesy movies and correct their subtitles.

In an ironic twist, he has spent the last ten years working in post-production, editing closed-captions, subtitles, and never complaining about the quality of any of the excellent feature films and television programs he’s been privileged to work on. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where he misses thunderstorms and opportunities to wear long coats and scarves.

When not reading or writing about books, Greg is probably leveling up his sneak skill, avoiding the constant California sunshine, or practicing bibliomancy. He likes tacos and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Greg has previously written for the Internet.


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