About The Revised Edition

Jacket Copy From The Print Edition

Buried On Indian Ground is the haunted koi pond you recently excavated in your suburban backyard, revealing a howling indigo portal to fantasy, mystery, and the weird. It’s the unfinished middle chapter in the third book of a seven-novel fantasy series that hasn’t been published yet, but keeps appearing on the shelf in the biography section of that creepy hole-in-the-wall bookstore. It’s a place to talk about ghosts with ghosts and discuss morally gray antiheroes with orcs, a science-fiction convention attended by fans of a series they watch in their dreams. On Sundays, it’s a 12-step meeting for alcoholic English majors one extraneous comma sighting away from madness. It’s a place where everyone knows your name– But wait! I didn’t tell you my name. Do I know you?

It’s also a web site where you can read about books. Specifically, books about werewolves who also happen to be talk-radio deejays, books about Taoist magic cops in alternate-universe future China, and books about comic book authors who brag about being wizards.

Buried On Indian Ground is the logical extension of the author’s ground-breaking Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis “I Just Really Like Stories About Vampires, Okay?”

Praise For The Author’s Previous Blogs

“Don’t read it in the dark or you’ll hurt your eyes!” — Stephen King

“Literally unputdownable. It’s a web site. You can’t pick it up. Fine. Go ahead. Try to pick it up. See? I told you. Why do you always act like this?” — Anonymous Spouse

“Finally, a place on me where a person expresses their opinion to a like-minded audience.” – The Internet


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